Eleanor Goldstein

Eleanor is a celebrated educator, author and publisher. Her passion for education is personified by the fact she founded a database of educational and historical information utilized by over 60,000 schools and libraries around the world. Eleanor has also worked with the U. S. News and World Report and the Library of Congress in developing documentary teaching materials for use in social studies classes.


Recently having produced an Emmy award winning PBS documentary on the Florida Everglades, our team has now set it's sights on producing a television series on the history of New York City. Our team is uniquely qualified and passionate about education, historical storytelling, cultural dialogue and critical thinking that historical programs like this one foster in a unique and entertaining format.


Charles Kropke

Charles is an expeditionary travel guide with over 25 years of experience educating and immersing people in the real culture, history and stories of amazing people and places lost in time; such as the Calusa Indians and the hunt for Spanish Treasure. Charles also is a historical author and the host of the Emmy Award winning PBS documentary about the restoration of the Florida Everglades.

Ted Chandler

Ted is a seasoned TV producer and director with over 20 years in the television business. In addition to directing the aforementioned Emmy Winning Everglades Doc, Ted has produced a variety of TV shows which air on the Discovery and Travel Channels. Ted also has an Emmy for producing and directing a magazine style TV show currently airing in the Southeastern United States.






I love discovering the stories of amazing places. The culture, the food, the natural environment, the history...all of it makes for fascinating stories. And New York City is no exception.


Host & Author
Charles Kropke






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